Inclusive Living

Community Integration Services

Provided by Independent Experts who understand your needs. Choose who you feel comfortable working with, or switch providers.

Keep you in your home

  • Home Modification Assessments - Access to both enter and exit independently. Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Home Office or Garage Workspace, Communications, home maintenance, Emergency Preparedness, RV's, Houseboats

  • Vehicle Modification & Driving Assessment - more than vans! SUV's, Trucks, Electric Community Car, Wheelchair Motorcycles, RV's. Many control options

  • Project Implementation and Management

  • Vocational Readiness Assessment and Plan

  • Self-Employment Coaching, Telework

  • Financial Life Planning / Coaching

  • Trusts, Legal, Injury, inappropriate Denials of needed equipment or services

  • All performed by licenced & qualified experts - engineers, ATP's, lawyers, most themselves Disabled!

Inclusive Living Homes for the Elderly

  • An alternative model to large, Corporatised Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

  • Cooperatively Owned Shared Support Homes in the Community with less than 10 Residents

  • Funded and driven by the elderly for the elderly - aging with dignity

  • Assistive Technologies with user interfaces designed specifically for the elderly provided by younger disabled persons who already understand mobility impairment